How to Camp Successfully With Young Kids

While beginning our first camping trip with this kids, I decided to talk a dear friend who’s a practiced camper along with her children. You see, we are seasoned campers without kids however when you add kids inside the mix, it might have a little tricky.

I’ll share with you her tips and tricks and things I also learned to hopefully assist you to when you will decide to head out in the wild together with your kids. Our boys are 6.5 and 3 so a number of the ideas might vary with respect to the day of your sons or daughters.

Packing. Can’t pack too much is our motto. Even on this trip we didn’t pack enough clothes. We weren’t relying on cold temperatures, in like manner Wal-Mart we headed for jackets and long pants. Kids is certain to get wet, dirty and muddy. I don’t think that doing laundry while I’m there and then we brought extra everything. We also packed everyone’s belongings in separate bags. It makes it easier when getting them to dressed.

Food. We packed prepared food like pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Lunch is made and ready. We also brought breakfast food to make. We decided eating breakfast and lunch with the camp would be a good option, then eating dinner out. Lots of snacks, its vacation, and snacking is great. Our drink associated with preference have also been Gatorade. Rather then loading up on sugary drinks, no less than it’s really a tad bit better and may be shaken up and need to be cold to drink.

Toys. Oh the toys. We brought a great deal of toys that could withstand backpacking. We brought a bicycle, tricycle, scooters, play blocks, card games, crayons, paper, Bendaroo’s, laptop to play videos, simply to name just a few. We also brought flash lights for running around inside dark and also to experience flash light tag. A variety of musical instruments were also shoved inside the car for something to do while we’re chilling out the camping ground fire.

Extra’s. There’s a lot of extra’s to carry along too. For example instead of packing up our toiletries from your own home, I bought the small 99 ones and they also wereperfect. I grabbed drugs for anything that can happen. Trash bags since they have multiple uses like holding dirty clothes, rain gear and trash. Extension cord with lamp, that knows if you’ll need light and electricity. Backpack to hold items for hikes. Camera with extra batteries. More than one footwear for women because one always gets wet and who likes wet shoes, not me.

Attitude. You have to have the proper attitude to travel camping using your kids. It’s time to let hair down and give up somewhat control. My kids will not be eating well balanced meals everyday. My kids aren’t sticking with their bedtime schedules. My kid are probably running around with dirty clothes. And that’s fine. We’re camping together as a family, we’re having fun and it’s not forever.

As I write this, I am sitting on the floor in our cabin, our youngest is napping for the cot, our oldest is around the beach playing inside sand regarding his father. I am sanding and dirty, the cabin is a mess, I’m planning to crack open a Gatorade and I think we’re going out for pizza tonight. Life is an useful one!

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